The Church at 1548 Heights

Relationship Seminar

Note: This seminar has passed, but a recording is available below.

Reaching New Heights:

“From Bad to Good and Good to Even Better:

Tools for a Healthier Relationship” 

Led by Angela Soper, LCSW.

Tools for a Healthier Relationship

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About the Seminar:
Most people do not know how to ‘do’ relationships. When asked about couples we admire because of their strong relationship, many of us are at a loss to identify the characteristics or practices we should use. In this seminar, Angela Soper taught concrete tools for becoming ‘that couple’.

About the Speaker: Angela Soper, LCSW
Angela Soper is a therapist who has a private practice here in the Heights.  She graduated from Texas Tech in 1986 with a BA in psychology and then obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin in 1990.  She has been a licensed clinician in Connecticut, California and now in Texas.

Angela has a variety of clinical experiences.  She has worked in non-profit agencies, hospitals and a university, all doing psychotherapy dealing with a variety of issues.  She was an adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education Psychology for eight years before moving to Texas.  Her areas of expertise are marital therapy and trauma, but her passion is working with couples. She was trained by Terry Real, a relationship expert and founder of Relational Life Therapy and the author of The New Rules of Marriage. She has extensive experience working with difficult couples, and helping couples heal after an affair.