The Church at 1548 Heights

Church History

Church History

1548 Heights Church of Christ History

Our congregation began in 1916 as The Heights Church of Christ. In early 2016, as we began our second century and embraced the excitement of a new beginning, we adopted a new name, doing business as The Church at 1548 Heights.  We greet you in the name of the Lord—where sharing Jesus is what we do.

We are led in the pulpit by our Preaching Minister,  Dr. Matt Soper.  Matt and his wife, Angela, moved to the Heights as empty-nesters a couple of years ago and joined us on our mission in January 2016.  Matt is an experienced and enthusiastic Bible teacher who has the gift of breaking down complicated scriptures and applying them to our daily lives.  He has been in full-time ministry since 1992.

Ann Bayliss leads our Pastoral Care and Prayer ministries.  She has served for over 30 years in prayer ministry, retreat planning, campus outreach and in the study of women in ministry.  She and her husband, Ed, are particularly focused on building community and resources for people living on the edge of hunger, addiction and homelessness.

Our mission is to “Share Jesus” with the Heights and surrounding areas.  We share Jesus by sharing the message of Jesus with those who don’t know Him, by sharing the fellowship of Jesus in worship and community life, and by sharing the love of Jesus through serving the poor, the discouraged, and the marginalized.

We invite you to join us on our mission.  Everything is new again at The Church at 1548 Heights!